BJP reacts to Mahua Moitra's 'fake degree' remark
BJP reacts to Mahua Moitra's 'fake degree' remark

New Delhi: TMC MP Mahua Moitra has been accused of taking money to ask questions in Parliament. Political rhetoric has intensified after the allegations made by BJP MP Nishikant Dubey. The round of accusations and counter-accusations between Mahua and Nishikant is increasing. Nishikant has once again cornered Mahua on the fake degree statement. He said the important question now is not about her degree or the Adani Group, but whether Moitra had asked questions in Parliament for money or not. Dubey has also said that Mahua has also sold her conscience for a few paise.

Mahua had said that he has a fake degree: Mahua Moitra had also reacted to the letter written by Vaishnav to Nishikant Dubey. He hit back and wrote on X, 'Who is lying? Two days ago, the person with fake degree also said that NIC has already given the details including 'Dubai' login to the investigating agency. Now Ashwini Vaishnav says that if asked by Lok Sabha or Ethics Committee, then NIC is also going to give information in future. Describing the Union Minister's letter as 'ridiculous', Mahua had also written that she is waiting to see when action is going to be taken in the case of fake Nishikant Dubey allegedly entering the ATC room of the airport illegally. He has said that BJP is welcome to attack me, but Adani Godda is probably not the best strategist.
Nishikant's counterattack: Reports say that BJP MP Nishikant Dubey asked many questions on Mahua. On social media They have to answer whether NIC mails were accessed in Dubai? Were the questions asked in exchange for money? Who bore the expenses for foreign trips?

Continuing his point about this, Nishikant Dubey has said that he will have to answer whether he had taken the permission of the Lok Sabha Speaker and the Ministry of External Affairs for his travels. He has said that now the question is not about Adani, degree or theft, but about corruption by misleading the country. The BJP MP finally said that the degree holder is selling her conscience and the country for a few paisa. 

Who is lying? 2 days ago Fake Degree Wala said NIC already given details including “Dubai” logins to probe agency.
Now @AshwiniVaishnaw says NIC will give info in future IF asked by LS or Ethics Comm.
BJP welcome to do hit job on me but Adani Godda perhaps not best strategists!

Mahua Moitra (@MahuaMoitra) October 24, 2023

This is the matter: Not only this, this whole controversy arose when BJP MP Nishikant Dubey wrote a letter to the Speaker accusing him of giving 'cash for query' evidence against the TMC MP. He had claimed that this evidence was also provided by lawyer Jai Ananth Dehadrai. Now in this case, the Ethics Committee of Parliament has called both Dubey and advocate Dehadrai on October 26 to present oral evidence of the crime. 

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