BJP minister still considers Chirag Paswan as part of NDA
BJP minister still considers Chirag Paswan as part of NDA

Muzaffarpur: LJP President Chirag Paswan has rebelled against the NDA in the Bihar Assembly elections but BJP MLA and Bihar government minister Jeevesh Mishra still considers Chirag to be part of the NDA. Recently he attended an event in Muzaffarpur, Bihar. During this, he said on the question related to Chirag, "His rebellion does not mean anything to him." He also said, 'Chirag Paswan is in NDA and will remain in NDA. He is the part of the NDA. '

Further, on the question of Chirag rebelling with Nitish Kumar, Jeevesh said, 'Chirag had revolted. But now the rebellion has also slowed down and if someone comes to hug after the rebellion, it is not our goal to remove it. In Bihar assembly elections 2020, LJP President Chirag Paswan revolted against Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

He fought a separate election from the NDA. When Chirag contested a separate election, Nitish Kumar's JDU suffered a big loss and the party was reduced to 43 seats. Now it has to be seen what Chirag says on the statement of Jeevesh Mishra.

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