President arrived at the G-20 Summit, recovered 39 kg of cocaine from the convoy
President arrived at the G-20 Summit, recovered 39 kg of cocaine from the convoy

TOKYO: Brazilian President Jari Bolsonaro came to power promising zero-tolerance against drugs, but it seems he will have to start with his own convoy first. An official of President Zar's convoy has been detained on the way to the G-20 Summit in Japan. He had got 39 kg of cocaine from him.

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A Brazilian Air Force officer was arrested during a stopover in Seville, Spain. A spokesman for Guardia Civil said, the officer's handbag found cocaine weighing 39 kg. He has been arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking and is in our custody at the Seville headquarter and will appear before the judge. According to Brazilian TV network Record TV, the 38-year-old man has been identified as Sergeant Silva Rodrigues.

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Just before Bolsonaro's visit, the plane was equipped with a military squad, which was entrusted with the responsibility of protecting the president during the summit in Tokyo. Bolsonero confirmed the arrest on Tuesday, saying he had received information from the country's defence minister. I immediately asked the defense minister to cooperate in the investigation with the Spanish police," he said. "There are about 300,000 men and women in our army who are taught high ideals and morality, if an officer is caught committing a crime, he will be punished according to law," the Brazilian president said.


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