Twin brothers undergo gender change surgery in Brazil
Twin brothers undergo gender change surgery in Brazil

Till date, all of you must have heard many unique cases. Even today we are going to tell you about a unique case. This is the case of Brazil. The two twin brothers living here have done most of the things together in their entire lives and after that both have got transgender operations done. Both have set a record with this work. Both are 19 years old and both twin brothers have undergone gender surgery. Now both become girls. The names of both are Mayla and Sofia and they said, 'They could not feel like boys since childhood and so they decided to have this operation.'

Both live in the southeastern city of Blumeno, Brazil. Both have undergone their surgeries from a transgender center located here. José Carlos, a doctor at the center, said, "This is the first reported case in the world when twin brother decided to become girls after surgery." A week after this surgery, the duo shared their experiences in a video conference with AFP. Mayla, who is studying medicine in Argentina, said, "I always liked my body but I used to feel very uncomfortable as a boy." Both Mayla and Sophia said, 'Both have supported each other in situations like sexual harassment, violence and bullying.'

Sophia said, 'Transphobia is very high in Brazil. People bully transgenders here a lot. ' According to the data of the National Association of Transsexuals, 175 people died in Brazil last year, which is more than the rest of the other countries. Sophia further said, 'Parents have always been supportive of our decision but they used to fear that people might make fun of us and try to humiliate us. My grandfather has given money for this surgery. For this surgery of 20 thousand dollars, he had sold his property'. However, this is not the first such case, but many such cases have been reported so far.

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