Report reveals, 'Potential Risk of Breast Cancer in Pakistani Women'
Report reveals, 'Potential Risk of Breast Cancer in Pakistani Women'

Islamabad: One out of every nine women in Pakistan has breast cancer, and the death rate from this disease is the highest in Pakistan than any other part of the world. The major reasons behind these deaths are acute awareness of the disease, lack of facilities for investigation and treatment. Ayesha Isani Majid, in charge of Federal Breast Cancer Screening at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, has revealed this.

While giving his statement at a seminar organized by Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU), he gave this information with emphasis on spreading awareness about breast cancer. Ayesha said that the main causes of breast cancer include obesity, drinking alcohol, not exercising, late pregnancy, not becoming a mother, changes in hormones, ionized radiation, etc. He said, "Life can be saved by knowing about it in the beginning and getting the right treatment for it. Every woman should take care of this herself. Also, when the disease is detected in time, the patient will be cured. Chance is 90–95 percent. "

At the same time, Dr. Hajra Ahmed, Chief of the Department of Environmental Design Health and Nutritional Sciences, spoke about the important facts related to breast cancer and spread awareness about it.

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