Darsh defeated this player in Guwahati International Grand Master Chess
Darsh defeated this player in Guwahati International Grand Master Chess

The first two rounds of the International Grand Master Chess Tournament being held for the first time in Guwahati, Assam North East are also witnessing a big turnaround. In the first round, in the current national champion competition, 35th ranked Divya Deshmukh has been defeated by 157th ranked India's Darsh Shetty by about 1000 ratings less than her.

Another shocking result was given by India's 12-year-old Arshiya Das, the 143rd ranked, who has also forced the International Master 2445 rating 16 ranking Nigmatov Ortik of Uzbekistan to play a draw by 1050 ratings more. Apart from this, all the ranked players on the top board have been successful in winning. In the second round, Nigmatov Ortik lost to India's 1334 rated Anbil Goswami.

Top-ranked CFR's Pavel Ponkaratov, Peru's Delgado Neuris, Iran's Masoud Mosdeghpour have made a good start by winning both matches consistently. Among the top Indian players Deepan Chakraborty, Steny GA, Inian P, Karthik Venkataraman, Rahul VS, CRG Krishna, Shayantan Das are easily winning both the matches and playing on 2 points, then among foreign players Fawji Adham of Egypt, Azar Mirzoev of Azerbaijan, Iran K Arsh Tehbaz, Rios Kristian of Colombia and Angela Franco are set to succeed Abdimalik of Uzbekistan by registering a victory. In this 10-round competition, 256 players from 11 countries including India are going to play.

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