These things cause Tetanus infection, Know about them

Sep 08 2019 06:48 PM
These things cause Tetanus infection, Know about them

Many times children get hurt when they play. When children get injured by iron, you get them injected with tetanus. It is also important to have tetanus injected because cutting and peeling with rusted iron can also prove fatal. Corrosion of iron can cause ascendant or infection and can be fatal for you. Rusty iron contains more bacteria, which can be dangerous for your health. Children or older, whenever get cut with iron then they must be treated with Tetanus. Let us tell you that there are many such things, which increase the risk of Tetanus infection. Know about them.

1 You must have noticed that when a woman is pregnant, both mother and child are first injected with tetanus during or after delivery. These days both mother and child immunity is very weak. In such a situation, there is a high risk of tetanus infection.

2 It is important to keep the immunity system strong so that you can avoid falling prey to any disease. The weakness of the immunity system increases the risk of infection. In such a situation, it is important that since childhood, a dose of booster should be administered for five years to protect children from infection.

3 Often people ignore injuries or cuts or peeling from wood. Do you know that wood also contains dangerous bacteria? Especially in old and wet wood. They are more prone to the spread of bacteria.

Be cautious on pet bites
Today pets like dog, cat, rabbit, cow, buffalo, goat etc. are reared more. These pets are exposed to dust, wet wood or rusted iron on the floor. When these animals bite you or you get hurt by them, you should get the tetanus injection.

Especially, do not ignore the bite of the dog at all and visit the doctor immediately, even if there is a slight scratch on his nails or teeth.

Tetanus is also caused by dust and soil
Various types of bacteria are present in dust, mud and dirt. Often children do not pay attention to their peeling and cutting and go anywhere to play. You and your child may get infected due to mud, dust and dirt on the cut or wound. Protect the wound from contact with dirt, otherwise, it can be harmful to you.

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