Caution: One Call Will Empty Your Account

In today's world, most people take the help of internet and smartphones for bank related operations. Cyber criminals are also taking advantage of it. And the cyber crime case is also witnessing a sharp rise. In such a situation, it is very important to be careful of them. One of these methods is vishing.  So let's know what the wish is and what needs to be kept in mind to avoid it.

The wishing offender is attempted to get personal information from you on a phone call. Users can find information about ID, login and transaction passwords, OTP (one time password), URN (unique registration number), card PIN, grid card value, CV or any other personal details such as date of birth, mother's name, etc. The criminal says to be on behalf of the bank and tries to get their personal and financial details over the phone from customers. These details are used to cheat on your account. This causes you financial loss. It should be noted that your bank is aware of some of your personal details. Beware of any callers who don't know about your basic personal details, such as your name.

If you have such a call, inform the bank about it as soon as possible. Never provide your personal or account details on the telephone number through a message over the phone, as well as not call it. Do not even contact the number sent by email or SMS. Especially when it relates to a security case with your credit card or bank account.  When a telephone number is sent, first of all call the phone number behind your credit card or bank statement.  This verifies whether the given number is actually from the bank or not. If you have your personal or credit/credit, you may not be able to access your personal or If a SMS or call comes to ask about the debit card information, he should not give that information.

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