Central government's stern warning to cab company Ola-Uber, says - improve your service otherwise...

New Delhi: The central government has now taken a serious stand on the complaints of those who booked cabs from Ola and Uber. The government has sent notices to both the companies asking them to answer several questions in 15 days. In fact, most of the consumers who have booked taxis from Ola and Uber complain that the drivers of the cabs behave badly. Cancel repeated bookings and do not run AC during the journey.  

Ccpa, the regulator that protects the interests of customers, has sent notices to Ola and Uber. These notices have been sent to both the companies regarding improper ways of doing business and violation of the right of customers. At the same time, both the companies are also accused of deficiency in service, lack of adequate arrangements for redressal of customer complaints, non-availability of transparency in the algorithm for charging cancellation charges in an impractical manner and fixing of rents.   Ola and Uber have to file their replies on all these points within 15 days. Earlier, ccpa had held a meeting with cab aggregatorcompanies on May 10. This was the second meeting of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs with the cab aggregators. The meeting was called by the government after receiving a lot of complaints from the customers.

During the meeting, the government informed the cab aggregators that it has received complaints related to sudden hike in cab fares, refusal of drivers to turn on AC, cancellation and demand of drivers' cash. The government has told the companies in two pieces that they have to revamp their systems and improve their services, otherwise strict action will be taken against them.

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