Chanakya Neeti: Never cross between these 5 things!
Chanakya Neeti: Never cross between these 5 things!

All of you will know who Acharya Chanakya is. Chanakya has outlined a number of policies for a happy and good life, which can make you successful even if followed today. So today we're going to tell you a policy of Chanakya that explains who we shouldn't get out of between people or things. Let us know.

The Acharya has mentioned 5 people and things that should not be left out... Let us know:

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Two knowledgeable people speak: When two Brahmins or knowledgeable people are talking, one should not get out of the middle because there is an old saying: Meet the knowledgeable. That is, when two knowledgeable people meet, they talk about knowledge and therefore should not create obstacles.

Brahmin and Fire: It is said that if a Brahmin is sitting near a fire at a place, one should not get out of between the two because it can be bad.

Master and Servant: According to Chanakya, the masters and servants should not get out of the conversation, as it breaks the communication between the two and makes you their partners.

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Husband and wife: According to Chanakya, if a husband and wife are standing or sitting in a place, one should not get in between because it is considered inappropriate. Doing so can lead to solitude and hindering their personal moments.

Plough and bull - According to Chanakya, the plow and the bull should not be left in the middle of the plow if they appear together because if you get out of the middle, you may get hurt.

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