Children to be the target of third wave of corona! These scary signs from the WHO report
Children to be the target of third wave of corona! These scary signs from the WHO report

In many countries of the world, the omicron variant of corona has spread its legs, and the big question is about immunization of children again. There is also a possibility of children falling prey to the third wave of corona. In fact, doctors and health experts around the world have submitted a clinical report to WHO. It has been reported that the number of children above 2 years of age has been admitted in South Africa. There are apprehensions that omicrons can be terrible for children. It is also an alarm bell for India. Because only persons above the age of 18 years are being vaccinated in India.

The same group of experts of WHO said that people who are adults, at present, minor symptoms of Omicron have been seen. Most infected people are asymptomatic. At the same time, just a day ago, the WHO's Europe office had also told that the infection is increasing rapidly among children aged 5 to 14. Regional Director of WHO Europe Dr. Hans Kluge said that in many countries of Europe, cases of infection in children have increased two to three times. However, he also pointed out that children are facing less severe infections than the elderly, healthcare workers and individuals with weakened immune systems. So far, 432 Omicron variant cases have been reported in 21 countries across the world.

When will children get vaccine in India?
Amidst the third wave of corona infection and the increasing cases of omicron, there is a wait for immunization of children. Zayedus Cadila's Jayakov D (ZyCoV D) vaccine for children in India has been granted permission in September. The Expert Committee has recommended that the covacsin be installed for children above 2 years of age. But it has not been allowed by the drug regulator. The National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (NTAGI) had a meeting on booster doses and children's vaccines on Monday. But the draft is yet to be prepared. This means corona vaccine is still awaited for children.

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