China: Wuhan did not get any positive case on Friday
China: Wuhan did not get any positive case on Friday

BEIJING: Not a single new case of infection from Corona has come to light on Friday in Wuhan city of central China's Hubei province, once the main center of coronavirus infection. Earlier too many days have passed recently, when no case of corona has been registered in Wuhan. The Xinhua quoted the Health Commission of China as saying that no new cases of corona infection have been confirmed in the entire Hubei province on Friday.

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However, due to infection with the virus, three new deaths have been reported in Wuhan city of Hubei province. Earlier, Chinese President Xi Jinping on Thursday called for a simultaneous effort to defeat the Covid-19 epidemic by attending a video conference from Beijing at the G20 Special Summit on the Settlement of the Corona Epidemic. Xi Jinping stressed that the Chinese government and the Chinese people have always waged a public war against the epidemic, giving priority to the safety of life and physical health of the public, even after the difficulties faced by the emergency coronavirus epidemic.

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He had said that after hard efforts and heavy sacrifices, now the situation of control of epidemic in China is getting better and the restoration of production system is accelerating with life, but we cannot reduce the vigilance about it. The epidemic is currently spreading across the globe.

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