China denies US accusation, says 'We commit not to conduct nuclear tests'
China denies US accusation, says 'We commit not to conduct nuclear tests'

Washington: China has categorically denied the US allegation, in which the US said that China could secretly conduct underground nuclear tests. China said that it is committed to ban nuclear testing. China has blamed the US accusations of secretly launching underground nuclear tests as irresponsible and false statements.

Earlier on Wednesday, the US State Department said in a report that China claims to follow an international agreement prohibiting nuclear testing, but could secretly initiate underground nuclear tests. The South Chine Morning Post published from Hong Kong quoted the US report as saying that the United States' concern was over the violation of the 'zero-yield' standard set by China for the test blast, which would take place at China's Lop Nur nuclear test site in 2019. Has arisen from activity.

Countering the US accusation, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that China was among the countries that signed the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) and always followed its rules. Let us tell you that CTBT is a multilateral international treaty, which prohibits nuclear testing.

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