China preparing for nuclear war?
China preparing for nuclear war?

Beijing: China has become the villain in the whole world, after the Corona epidemic. Now it seems that it is trying to put the world in trouble by a nuclear war. Tensions between the US and China in the South China Sea have deepened. Both countries have come face to face with deadly weapons many times. In such a situation, experts in China are now advising to increase the stock of nuclear weapons.

After this attitude of China, it is being feared that there will be a fierce nuclear war in the world due to the dragon. The debate between the US and China in the Corona crisis is on one side. But the way China and the United States are hoarding deadly weapons in this area amidst the battle for supremacy in the South China Sea, the world is fearing it Is there going to be the beginning of that great war, which will prove to be the biggest curse for humanity.

Actually, tensions between the US and China are increasing in South China Sea, after which experts are advising China to increase their stock of nuclear weapons. According to Hu Shijin, editor of the Chinese government media Global Times, China will have to increase nuclear weapons to counter the US. China will have to increase the number of its nuclear weapons to 1000, because America has a bigger stock of nuclear weapons than China.

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