This photo of China's 'interrogation room' is terrible
This photo of China's 'interrogation room' is terrible

BEIJING: Today we want to show a picture surfaced from China to those who shouted 'snatch away freedom'. In the last few days, you have seen pictures of misbehavior with the police in protest against the Citizenship Act. In the name of freedom of expression, we have seen some people throwing stones at the law keepers, but the law and the police are also in China. One of which you can see in this video.

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This scene belongs to the Interrogation Room of the Police of China. The chair on which the young man is sitting is a chair made of metal. In which both hands and feet are locked automatically. Both hands and feet of this young man have also been locked. That is, now this young man is sitting on a chair, but cannot do anything except answer questions. Now you must be wondering what is the fault of this person? In which crime is it detained? You will be surprised to know the answer.

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Actually, this young man ... criticized the Chinese police ... that too on a messaging app in China. He had asked some questions to the police, but instead of answering these questions… Chinese police took this young man into custody and started asking questions in his own way. It is being told that a former US intelligence officer has released a video of this. It is also believed that this video is several years old, but no matter how old it is .. It is showing the reality of China. Those who feel that there is no freedom of expression in India should thank them that they are not in China.

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