China's scientists claim, 'Another new virus found in lab'
China's scientists claim, 'Another new virus found in lab'

Scientists in China have revealed another new flu virus, about which they said that the flu has the potential to take the form of an epidemic. According to new research, the new flu strain, known as the researcher G4 EA H1N1, and the flu was discovered at a time when the whole world is already affected by a terrible epidemic like coronavirus. So far, the number of people who died from Covid-19 in the world has been close to 5 lakhs. The new flu found in China is similar to the 2009 swine flu, however, it has seen some changes.

According to research published in the National Academy of Sciences, the new strain of the flu in China has the potential to infect humans badly. According to the information found in preliminary research, these strains are found in pigs, but they have the ability to infect humans as well. After this, Chinese researchers are in great concern about this, they believe that coronavirus can take a frightening form, and like the coronavirus has the ability to spread from one person to another very easily. Just as the coronavirus has taken the form of pandemic all over the world. It may also turn into an epidemic.

According to Chinese scientists, this virus also has all the symptoms that suggest that it can infect humans just like the coronavirus and that's why it is very important to keep an eye on this virus because it is a new virus, people will have little or no immunity against it. Researchers in the journal pointed out that measures to control the virus in pigs and close monitoring of pig industry workers should be rapidly implemented. Apart from all these things, scientists also believe that work should be started to develop a vaccine for the virus so that this virus does not take the form of an epidemic like the Coronavirus because current flu vaccines do not provide protection against it.

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