China still continues to deceive about corona outbreak
China still continues to deceive about corona outbreak

Even though the rate of covid-19 infection in China has decreased, experts still accuse him of lying in cases involving the virus. It has been learned that US Secretary of State Tony Blinken not only held Beijing accountable a few days ago for the spread of covid worldwide but also said that it would have to adopt a transparent approach to information related to the virus.

According to the information, a professor from the University of Southern California said that China is still lying about the number of epidemic patients. Professor Stanley Rosen said via e-mail to the media, "The biggest reason for data inaccuracy is the local authorities who provide data to the central government." He said that even though the figures are not completely correct, China is doing a good job to prevent the epidemic.

Chinese politics expert Rosen said that patients without symptoms cannot be pushed into infected patients. However, the number of such patients is becoming very less. He said 'China's attitude is becoming very irresponsible when it comes to transparency.' In such a situation, it is very difficult to know what data they have given.

Dr Stephen E. Havis, head of the Department of Epidemiology of Washington College, said that China has not only concealed the epidemic information but also has not taken enough decisions to stop the epidemic inside the country.

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