Chinese warship seen again in Indian Ocean, Indian Navy increased alert
Chinese warship seen again in Indian Ocean, Indian Navy increased alert

New Delhi: Amid China's escalating interference in the Indian Ocean, the Indian Navy has located a Chinese warship and submarine close to the Indian waters. The media has traced the warship and nuclear submarine patrolling near Indian waters. Indian Navy surveillance aircraft have taken pictures of the Chinese warship during this patrol.

It is noteworthy that all the commercial and warships passing through the Indian waters are monitored by the Indian Navy. Media has got the picture of Chinese amphibious fighter vessel Xian and missile frigate. This photo was taken by P-81 Maritime Surveillance Aircraft. The picture is taken from a high altitude when the aircraft was deployed on patrol in the Indian Ocean.

The Indian Navy keeps a close watch on all the ships entering the Indian Ocean, as India has unilateral dominance in this watershed. In addition to the Chinese ship, a naval patrol aircraft has also tracked a nuclear submarine. According to the report, immediately after Chinese ships entered the Indian Ocean via the Malacca Strait, the Navy increased surveillance and alerted the relevant defense departments.

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