So this is why christmas is celebrated on this day

Christmas is celebrated with gaiety all over the world, including India, on Christmas Day on the occasion of the birthday of the Lord Jesus. From the night of December 24, 'Happy Christmas-Merry Christmas' continues to be a series of congratulations. If a 'Christmas tree' is decorated in people's homes in all cities of the country, Santa gives a message to others to enjoy giving them in life. But do you know why Christmas 25 is celebrated? Why Christmas is celebrated on the 25th Know whether the whole thing behind it started in the nearly fourth century. Earlier, followers of the Lord Jesus did not celebrate his birthday as a festival. Hundreds of years after Jesus was born and died, people began celebrating his birthday on December 25. Jesus was not born on this date, however, because evidence shows that he was born in October, not in December.  Some who claimed to be Christians later chose the day because on this day non-Christians in Rome celebrated the birthday of the invincible sun, and Christians wanted Jesus' birthday to be celebrated on the same day.

You may have wished each other a Merry Christmas on December 25, but if someone says that you can name the city where Christmas is celebrated throughout the year, you may also be wondering. Yes, this city has been named Santa Claus city. It is present in Indiana, USA. In fact, the common American place in the northern and eastern region of Indiana is as common as the names Evansville, Jesper, Banville, Dell, etc. The atmosphere here makes it special. The Christmas tree is decorated here in a necessary manner.

Santa Claus distributes happiness and chocolates among the people here. Wherever we reach here, the signboard of number 162 on the nearest road tells that the city is at some distance from here. Actually, this board is given the shape of a Christmas star. Santa Claus is visible at a distance of about 4 miles from the Christmas festival. Ongoing further from here, about 10 feet high statue of Santa Claus is visible.

About 2,500 people live here. It is called Christmas Lake Village. The old church and post office in Santa Claus, Indiana, and Santa Claus visited the city in the 19th century, but local citizens enrolled in the post office, asking them to give another name. The establishments here have also been decorated in an attractive manner. People come here on a large scale. In fact, people come here to celebrate the Christmas holidays and also celebrate summer vacations. The Christmas store here is opened in the month of May.

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