CM Shivraj singh chouhan addresses inaugural session of States Policy Conclave

Bhopal: Shivraj Singh Chouhan of Madhya Pradesh addressed the inaugural session of the States Policy Conclave held in New Delhi today. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan shared a variety of views in his address. In the meantime, he said, 'MP is following the instructions made by PM to prevent corona. He said, "Madhya Pradesh is following all the instructions made by the hon. Immunization is going on at a rapid pace in the state. We are trying our best not to allow the third wave to hit the state. PM spells out "turning disaster into an opportunity" to the nation in the crisis of COVID-19.



When he called for a self-reliant India, we set a self-reliant Madhya Pradesh goal. We have moved towards dependent Madhya Pradesh. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan also said, "We have set four major pillars for self-reliant Madhya Pradesh. The first is infrastructure. We are paying special attention to infrastructure here. Whether it is road connectivity or air connectivity, we are working on infrastructure. The second pillar is good governance. The third pillar for self-reliant Madhya Pradesh is health and education. The fourth pillar is economy and employment. We see that the first two pillars for economy and employment, that is, better infrastructure and good governance, are the mainstays.''

He said, "Big industries are welcome on the soil of Madhya Pradesh and we want to lay a network of MSME on the soil of the state. This will create employment opportunities at a rapid pace. If the country has to be self-reliant, the States have to become self-reliant. We have prepared a road map for MP and fixed the priorities. He further said, "We have four major pillars of self-reliant Madhya Pradesh. Physical infrastructure, good governance, health and education and economy and employment. The Government has two major targets. One is to develop the quality of entrepreneurship among the youth of Madhya Pradesh. They should not be a job seeker, they should be job givers. Madhya Pradesh is to be the most attractive state for investment in the world, not another country.''

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