Madhya Pradesh: Corona wreaks havoc in the state, infection rate crosses 4658 mark
Madhya Pradesh: Corona wreaks havoc in the state, infection rate crosses 4658 mark

Corona infection is much higher in Madhya Pradesh as compared to other states. A truck full of laborers overturned on the border of Chhatarpur and Sagar district, in which 5 laborers died and 14 were injured. The injured workers have been sent to the Banda Community Health Center for treatment. According to the information, all these workers were going from Maharashtra to Uttar Pradesh. The number of corona virus positive patients in the state has reached above 4660. So far 207 people have died here and 2283 patients have returned healthy. The suspected corona suspect laborer died in hospital in Shivpuri late last night. A truck driver ran away leaving him on the highway. The number of coronavirus positive patients reached 2378 in Indore, while 90 people have died in the city. The number of 951 patients has reached 951 in Bhopal, 296 in Ujjain and 174 in Jabalpur.

Even after considerable efforts, Bhopal district administration has become strict in view of the increasing number of Corona patients in the city. Corona has also been confirmed in the past few streets in the district by vendors selling vegetables. After this, the district administration has been alerted.

For your information, let us tell you that within two days, the Bhopal police has filed cases against 20 vegetable vendors in different police stations. These people have been accused of not keeping a distance of attention on the shops of vegetable and fruit shops. These include vegetable and fruit vendors by going to street-mohallas. These people were not wearing masks and gloves. In such a situation, there is an increasing risk of infection in the Green Zone or other areas of Bhopal.

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