Corona medicine to be prepared with cow's antibodies, Trial will start soon
Corona medicine to be prepared with cow's antibodies, Trial will start soon

Washington: Scientists from all over the world are searching for the coronavirus vaccine. Scientists in some countries have also claimed that they have made corona drugs. Some of the major vaccine companies are currently researching it. Meanwhile, it is being said that companies are taking the help of cows to make Corona vaccine. This unique experiment has been started by Sub Biotherapeutics, a company based in South Dakota, USA. This method of treatment will be tried on humans next month.

The cow produces antibodies with double or more quantity and more variety than any human. Therefore, in research, human immune cells will be transplanted into cows by genetic engineering. This will create a significant amount of antibodies in the cow to fight the coronavirus. From which a drug called SAB-185 will be made. The company has teamed up with Dr William Kleistra, associate professor of immunology at the University of Pittsburgh, to investigate its effects for the coronavirus.

Cells were first taken from the skin of cows and the genes that play a role in making animal antibodies were isolated and removed. Scientists then introduced artificial human genes, which produced antibodies for humans. The DNA of these cells is inserted into a cow's egg which is previously reported, allowing hundreds of cows to produce the human immune system.

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