Coronavirus cases declining in Haryana
Coronavirus cases declining in Haryana

In Haryana, Covid's infection seems to be dying out. From the beginning of the year 2021, Covid was getting less than 100 cases daily. At present, this figure has come down to below 70. However, the Health Ministry claims that at this time, samples of at least 10 to 12 thousand people are being taken daily in the entire state, but most are coming negative.

The cases of Covid are getting reduced, it cannot be said that Covid is ending. The way cases have increased again in foreign countries and the situation was serious and it was locked up again, so at the moment it cannot be taken lightly. On Monday, 76 corona cases have been reported in the state and 89 have recovered and reached home. The recovery rate has increased to 98.55% and the death rate has come down to 1.13%. A total of 870 cases are active in the state at this time.

According to the information received, only more cases are being seen in Gurugram only in the state. On Monday, 22 cases have been reported here, while 8 cases have been found in Faridabad. In addition, below 8 cases have been reported in all districts. Not a single corona case has been reported in Charkhi Dadri, Mahendragarh and Sirsa, while Panipat, Rohtak, Rewari, Bhiwani, Palwal, Noonh, Kaithal, Fatehabad and Sonipat have one case each. According to the department, a total of 12097 people were sampled on Monday. On the other hand, on Monday, Corona vaccination campaign is being vigorously carried out in all the districts of the state.

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