Can patients recover from corona be re-infected?
Can patients recover from corona be re-infected?

Corona infection is spreading in India at a faster rate than expected, by Sunday afternoon the total number of patients suffering from corona has crossed 975. In the new data so far, 86 patients have been cured of the disease. On the other hand, other experts, including the WHO, are not even ruling out people getting cured. However, the WHO has predicted the possibility of recovery of most of the infected people of Covid-19 and the possibility of recovery and its impact will be less.

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According to a media report, a study by the US-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) so far suggests that there is no single opinion about the human body's immunity to Kovid-19. In the case of patients with MERS-Cove infection, it was found that once patients were free of disease, they were not expected to fall ill soon, but it was clear whether such resistance would develop in the case of Kovid-19. No.

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Dr Peter Jung, an assistant professor at the University of Texas Pediatric Medical School, believes the virus and the nature of the virus itself will change as soon as the flu infection changes and the nature of the virus itself. Can change. The changing nature of the virus can affect the body's immune system and make it susceptible, which can increase the risk of getting sick.

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