Here's how coronavirus will end by 21-day lockdown
Here's how coronavirus will end by 21-day lockdown

Corona infection is spreading very fast in the country. But let us tell you that the step of lockdown of the country by the Government of India was taken on the advice of Ministry of Health, Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and World Health Organization. This was the only way to save the country from the outbreak of Coronavirus. There is also a scientific basis behind the 21-day time period.

For your information, let us tell you most viruses have a life cycle. When the flu spreads, nobody dies. If you have taken medicine then it will be fine in 7 days and if not taken it will be cured in a week. This is because the life cycle of the virus will automatically leave the body in a week. If it does not find suitable conditions in the external environment for multiplication, then it will end.

Kovid-19 is a new virus, so nothing can be said about it right now that it will develop itself according to our immunity. But whatever research has been published so far or my experience working on the virus of the last three decades, it seems that it is very unlikely. The question is, how will the lockdown be helpful in dealing with this virus? Actually, physical distancing will work to prevent infection from going from one person to another. The third stage can be quite dangerous. Many countries in China, America and Europe are struggling with this phase. In due course of time, the government has taken strict steps and saved the country from going into the third phase.

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