A young man sneaked into a quarantine center and molested a woman

Jun 01 2020 09:36 PM
A young man sneaked into a quarantine center and molested a woman

Gusaipur entered the quarantine center at Anandpur Primary School and on Sunday morning, a man molested the girl. Along with this, the people present at the center made a noise after the girl made noise. For your information, let us know that after beating him, the young man was handed over to the police. The police have registered a case.

For your information, let us tell that Lal Nath Goswami, assistant teacher of the school, told that Rinku, a servant of Jogendra Singh, a resident of Puranpur, entered the Quarantine Center on Sunday morning. He made obscene gestures to a migrant woman from Anandpur. After this, he started making vulgar remarks. When the young lady protested, he started abusing her. Omprakash Sharma, present at the center, caught her after the girl made noise.

On receiving the information, Kundan Singh, Santosh Kumar and Lal Nath reached Goswami. They brought the accused to Mukhani police station. Police interrogation revealed that the accused Rinku is originally from Mirganj in Bareilly district. Apart from this, the police station president Bhagwan Singh Mahar said that the police has arrested the accused by registering a case under section 354 on the teacher's complaint.

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