In future, Rockets will be filled from cow urine and cow dung, claims professor of NIT

Jamshedpur: Gomutra and cow dung have been considered very useful. This has also been proved in many scientific types of research. Today many products made from this are available in the market. In future, it can also be used as rocket fuel. A mixture of cow dung produces high-quality hydrogen gas. It can also be used as fuel in a rocket's propeller by performing the necessary refining. Research is going on at the National Institute of Technology (NIT) Adityapur (Jharkhand).

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Dulari Hembram, assistant professor of NIT in Adityapur, adjoining Jamshedpur, has been involved in research on the subject for the past few years. She has claimed that this is possible by presenting an initial research paper. She is yet to submit two more research papers and is excited about the conclusion of her research. Pro. According to Dulari, the production of the hydrogen gas used as fuel is currently being spent at Rs 7 per unit. If the government encourages its production then it can be mass-produced.

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Electricity problems in the country can also be overcome. Not only this, but it can also be developed as a cheaper alternative to the fuel used in rockets. The subject of Prof. Hembram's research is the production of alternative energy from cow urine and cow dung. She says the college lab is small. This project is not getting any kind of government help, so it is not getting the desired success. She is trying to get help from the Government.

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