Dalai Lama turns 86, reviving ancient Indian knowledge

The Dalai Lama, a renowned Tibetan spiritual leader and a symbol of ahimsa (non-violence) and karuna (compassion), celebrated his 87th birthday on Wednesday.

The Tibetan spiritual leader thanked people from all over the world who wished him happy birthday in a virtual speech at Dharmasha, he pledged to continue serving mankind and battling climate change.
"Since I arrived in India as a refugee, I have taken full advantage of the country's freedom and religious harmony. The Dalai Lama, whose true name is Tenzin Gyatso, added, "I want to reassure you that for the remainder of my life I am committed to resurrecting ancient Indian knowledge.

The Buddhist scholar, known for his simplicity and typical jovial style and for whom Mahatma Gandhi is the most influential leader of the 20th century for his idea of non-violence, prefers to participate in meetings with religious leaders, and lectures students and businessmen on ethics for the new millennium and the art of happiness. He believes India is the only country with the potential to combine its ancient knowledge with modern education.

Talking to a congregation of Tibetans, who organised the long-life offering ceremony of His Holiness here last month, the spiritual leader said, "I am in my eighties now, but I am determined that even when I am in nineties or past one hundred, I will strive to work for Tibet.

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