Davos 2024: Global NSAs Discuss Ukraine Peace, Emphasize India's Role
Davos 2024: Global NSAs Discuss Ukraine Peace, Emphasize India's Role

SWITZERLAND: In a significant meeting on Sunday, national security advisors (NSAs) from various nations convened to discuss a peace strategy for war-stricken Ukraine. Switzerland, hosting the meeting, highlighted India's potential to play a crucial role due to its influence and relations with Russia.

The consensus among participants was that war is not a solution, emphasizing the importance of dialogue to resolve the situation. Swiss Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis, in a post-meeting press conference, expressed the goal of involving Russia in peace plan discussions, acknowledging that mediation from certain countries would be necessary.

Cassis emphasized the urgency of restoring peace, acknowledging the high stakes involved. He pointed out that over 100 countries, including those outside Europe, must collectively work to bring both Russia and Ukraine to the negotiation table.

Highlighting the significance of BRICS countries, including India, Cassis stressed their role in the peace process due to their ongoing relations with Russia. He applauded countries like India for facilitating collective efforts, acknowledging their influence even if physically distant from the conflict zone.

When questioned about Switzerland's ability to bring China and Russia to the table, Cassis affirmed their role in such mediation. He emphasized the importance of BRICS alliance participation, recognizing their relations and trust with Russia. Cassis acknowledged China's potential key role in the process and urged cooperative engagement.

Despite China's absence, India was represented by Deputy NSA Vikram Misri at the meeting. The Swiss Foreign Ministry stated that by organizing the meeting, Switzerland continued to support Ukraine in its pursuit of peace.

This marked the fourth NSA meeting focusing on the peace formula proposed by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in 2022. Previous meetings were held in Copenhagen, Jeddah, and Malta. India has consistently advocated for peace in Ukraine, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressing readiness to assist in any way possible during discussions with Zelenskyy and Putin.

The Davos meeting aimed to finalize talks among NSAs on principles for a lasting and just peace in Ukraine. The conference, attended by representatives from 81 countries and international organizations, sought to establish these principles as the foundation for the next stages of the peace process.

Panel discussions during the meeting covered topics such as food security and humanitarian aspects. The event preceded the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, set to commence with the participation of over 2,800 global leaders, including nearly 60 heads of state and government.

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