Stock condition rotting of shops closed for 50 days due to Shaheen Bagh strike
Stock condition rotting of shops closed for 50 days due to Shaheen Bagh strike

After passing from the Parliament of India, the security check of those who took the Shaheen Bagh in protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC) was tightened, then the number of people coming here has also started coming down. Just a few days ago, people sitting on protest were divided into two groups. However, the dispute was over after some time. Its effect is now clearly visible. In Shaheen Bagh, where earlier the dharna site was packed with protesters, now it seems empty. The presence of women inside the tent is also decreasing. The anchor being run in the middle of the road has been shifted to the roadside.

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According to the media report, after the issue of firing, a large number of police and paramilitary forces have been deployed on all the routes going to the picket. No one is allowed to go to the protest site without checking. The protesters are checking the people coming to the picket site at their level too. Local shopkeepers have lost business due to the protests that have been going on for 51 days and the problems of local people are increasing. Local shopkeepers have not been able to open the shutter of the shop for the last 50 days. A local shopkeeper said that the goods are spoiling in them due to the closure of shops.

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Students are painting on the walls of the surrounding houses, expressing their protest during the demonstration at some distance from the stage. Sitting on a stage made of iron pipe, more than 10 students are making such pictures in which paintings have been made by holding the book of the Constitution in the hands of the Dadis. Students say that in such a winter, the grannies are sitting on the streets and this is our courage. On the other hand, to remove this protest from the road, the local people are also continuously protesting, who have demanded to immediately evacuate the road.

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