4 Food pairings which are really bizarre
4 Food pairings which are really bizarre

There are some of the food pairings which is awesome in taste. These dishes are surely made in heaven. And they are actual food staples that are being used by many aced chefs globally. Here we have listed out some of these mix matched dishes.

Pickled French Fries
When we saw the potato slices fried in pickle oil or chicken strips coated with rogan josh and butter chicken batter we are really surprised. Yet such dishes have food lovers salivating.

Bacon/Chicken/Lamb Peanut Butter Burger
Did you ever imagine meats and peanut butter together? Just the thought of your burger patty dripping in peanut butter sauce is weird. A new experiment in Australia will make you want to try this.

Strawberries with Jalapeno/Tomato/Coffee
These pairings are yet to register. But strawberries tossed with jalapeno, tomato, and coffee is something new.

Olive Oil on Ice Cream
For Italians, olive oil gelato is nothing new. But tourists are always in for an oily surprise. You could try two versions 
on your visit. One with all ingredients fused to dish out a uniform gelato and the other with oil sprinkled on top of the gelato.

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