Diplomatic Strife Erupts as India Protests Discrimination Against Arunachal Athletes at Asian Games
Diplomatic Strife Erupts as India Protests Discrimination Against Arunachal Athletes at Asian Games

A significant contingent of 655 athletes, meticulously chosen and endorsed by India's Sports Ministry, is poised to participate in the prestigious quadrennial event set to unfold in Hangzhou, the capital city of China's Zhejiang province, spanning from September 23 to October 8.

In a resolute response to the alleged prejudiced treatment faced by certain Indian athletes hailing from the state of Arunachal Pradesh during the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, China, the Indian government has raised a vehement objection against China's actions.

Arindam Bagchi, the articulate spokesperson for India's Ministry of External Affairs, voiced profound apprehension regarding the treatment meted out to Indian athletes.

The official statement from Bagchi conveyed the government's stance with clarity: "The Government of India has received disturbing reports indicating that the Chinese authorities, in a deliberate and calculated manner, have subjected select Indian athletes from Arunachal Pradesh to discriminatory practices by refusing them accreditation and access to the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, China."

The statement continued to emphasize India's unwavering position on the matter: "Consistent with our longstanding stance, India unequivocally rejects any form of differential treatment of its citizens based on their place of origin or ethnic background. Arunachal Pradesh has been, is, and will forever remain an integral and inseparable part of India."

As a palpable demonstration of India's dissatisfaction with China's actions, Anurag Thakur, the Minister of Information and Broadcasting and Youth Affairs and Sports of India, has officially canceled his intended visit to China for the Games, a decision corroborated by Bagchi.

The Indian government, in no uncertain terms, underscored its prerogative to take suitable measures to safeguard the welfare of its citizens and ensure their equitable and impartial treatment in international sporting events.

This episode underscores the persistent tensions between India and China stemming from territorial disputes, with sports now becoming an additional arena for diplomatic confrontation between these two nations.

Originally slated for 2022, the ongoing Asian Games had to be postponed to 2023 due to the far-reaching impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. The meticulous selection and endorsement of 655 athletes by India's Sports Ministry form the core of the nation's representation in this quadrennial continental multi-sport event, which will culminate on October 8 in Hangzhou, the vibrant capital of China's Zhejiang province.

Indian Sports Minister Cancels China Visit Over Denial of Entry to Athletes

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