Trump deposited Rs 172 crore within 24 hours to launch election campaign
Trump deposited Rs 172 crore within 24 hours to launch election campaign

WASHINGTON: U.S. President Donald Trump has begun his campaign for the 2020 U.S. presidential election. He deposited Rs 172 crore within 24 hours of launching the campaign. However, Trump has not made public the names of donors.

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Donald Trump began his election campaign from Florida on Tuesday. Three opposition Democratic Party candidates have so far failed to raise even a quarter of the amount. Trump's Republican Party chairman Rona McDaniel tweeted about the amount of donations. The party claimed that raising such a huge amount of money was clear that there was a lot of enthusiasm among the people about Trump.

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At the same time, Trump addressed a rally in Orlando, Florida, where his re-election committee received $97.43 million and the Trump Victory Committee donated Rs 69.59. In addition, Trump also appeared at a paid dinner event at the Trump National Doral Hotel in Florida, where he raised Rs 41.75 crore. In 2016, Senator Bernie Sanders raised Rs 45.23 million in 24 hours after the New Hampshire elections. Which was the highest donation that was deposited in a day at that time. While preparing for the 2020 presidential elections, Sanders has raised Rs 41.6 million on the day of the launch of his election schedule.


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