DPS Indore Bus Accident : Who is responsible?
DPS Indore Bus Accident : Who is responsible?

Indore: In the painful tragedy of Indore's Kanada Bypass school bus accident happened in last evening in which innocents are dead. The incident was so frightening that the person who saw the death was lost his spirit. The tears of small innocent children were sipping the heart of every person present there. The condition of the bus was making the statement about how horrible the collision was. In this accident, the driver of the bus died on the spot. In addition to the driver, 6 innocent people also lost their lives in this accident.

Shruti, Harmite and Swastik, are those who lost their battle of lives in this incident. Their early dreadful death Rises questions that The schools which talk about bright future but whose 14-year-old  school  bus carries children that runs on the highway as talking to the air..

Who is responsible for this accident, think...

Traffic police - whose job is to make people follow traffic rules,?

School Management – Who use the old buses by coloring and paining?

Administration - our administration? Seeing all this is also kept silence?

RTO - RTO which is blindly allowing vehicles who are in poor condition to drive on roads?

Watch and decide-

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