Supreme Court stays Jagannath Yatra for safety of devotees
Supreme Court stays Jagannath Yatra for safety of devotees

Millions of devotees of Lord Jagannath have been waiting for the world-famous Rath Yatra, have felt despondent. The annual rath yatra to be held in Jagannath Puri, Odisha due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) will not be held this year. Due to the epidemic, the Supreme Court has put a stay on it. This journey was to begin on 23 June. This journey lasts for ten days. Preparations for the yatra begin on the day of Akshaya Tritiya. During this, the construction of chariots of Shri Krishna, Balarama and Subhadra start. This world-famous Rath Yatra begins with Ashada Shukla Dwitiya. During this time Lord Krishna and Balarama along with their sister Subhadra ride on chariots and leave for 'Sri Gundicha' temple and offer darshan to the devotees.

Three chariots are made for this journey, which is of wood. Red carriage for Balaramji. Blue and red for a chariot Subhadraji. Apart from this, the third chariot is made red and yellow for Lord Jagannath. New wood is used every year in the construction of chariots.

Apart from this, the three chariots carrying the Rath Yatra are parked in front of the main temple. Lord Jagannath's chariot stays behind the remaining two chariots. His chariot is called Nandighosh. The process of bringing all three idols out of the temple on the day of Rath Yatra is called Pahandi Bije. During the journey, when the three chariots of the shape of the temple moves, then the enthusiasm of the people is seen all around, playing bells, conchs, mridangs, hymns. When Lord Jagannath returns to the temple, that return journey is called Bahuda Yatra.

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