Students are not able to sit in UPSC exam as well due to MPPSC
Students are not able to sit in UPSC exam as well due to MPPSC

Indore: Due to delay in the result of Pre Examination of Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission, there has been a difference in the planning of the students. Many students were thinking that they will start preparing for the mains exam after the results of the pre, but the students are not able to fully focus on the preparation due to the result. The MPPSC Pre Exam held on 12 January saw about 4 lakh participants. This examination was done for more than 500 posts. Students say that PSC results have been in controversies even in the past years. Sometimes the PSC makes a mistake in the examination, sometimes the participants take the cases to court on some issue. Student Rohit Pawar says that he had thought of preparing for the UPSC exam to be held in July, but after starting the preparation for PSC, he started paying more attention to it. Due to the late result of this, the examination of Mains of PSC can happen that after May-June, the whole year will be spoiled.

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Rahul Gupta says that he has been living in the city for a year to prepare for the examination from Satna. After preparing for the pre-examination, he had planned to start preparing for the mains after the result of it, but due to late results, he has to continue to prepare for the preparation. Due to this, along with the cost of living, coaching expenses are also increasing. Examination expert Pradeep Srivastava says that PSC had asked to give the result in the last week of January. The result of late results has an impact on the mentality of the students. All the rules should have been cleared before the examination. It has happened many times that PSC results have been released after one to two years. In this, the career of the students is destroyed. Many students also get a fixed age.

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Shivani Sharma, who came to prepare for the exam from Khandwa, also says that the parents ask for the results every day, they are unable to know how long the result will come. Shivani says that the family sends money every month, they want that we should pursue the career quickly. The family is going through a bad financial situation due to not coming on time.

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