Farmers outraged by Agriculture Minister Narendra Tomar's statement

New Delhi: Farmers are furious over India's Agriculture Minister Narendra Tomar's statement on the return of agricultural laws. Warning, the Farmers have said that they must have returned from Delhi but it will not take time to come back. Narendra Tomar had said that a big decision was taken after the independence of the country. We have taken only one step back, the Government will move forward again.

Addressing a gathering in Nagpur, Maharashtra, Agriculture Minister Tomar said in his statement that laws were brought in to give higher profits to farmers after the independence of the country. It was a big improvement. We have taken a step back, the Government will move forward. There is a need for a change in farming. On this, farmer leader Jagtar Singh said that we have returned from Delhi and it will not be too late to come back. He said that if our farmer leaders give a voice, whether it is Delhi or Maharashtra, lakhs of farmers will reach there again. We will not allow the laws which are not in the good of the farmers to come into force.

Another farmer leader Harjit Singh said that the entire country has become aware and it is not correct for the Agriculture Minister to make this statement. The farmer will not shy away from fighting for his rights. Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar has made it clear on his statement. Tomar clarified, "I said that the Government of India had enacted good laws, we have withdrawn it for unavoidable reasons, the Government of India will continue to work for the welfare of the farmers. When asked if he had just taken a step back and the government would bring a new law, the Agriculture Minister said that it was not reported by him and it was wrong propaganda.''

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