7 Effective treatment of breath stench

Jan 10 2021 03:58 PM
7 Effective treatment of breath stench

Do you go away whenever you move to talk to someone, or do you have a strange mouth and put your hand on the nose? If your answer is yes, here's what problems you have with the stench of the breath. You don't need to take tension. The stench of this breath can be removed. You just have to try the tips below.

1. Clean your mouth thoroughly regularly.

2. Use mouthwash. Mouthwash protects the mouth from moist and mouth odor.

3. Keep your tongue neat and tidy on a special tor.

4. Chew good quality chews.

5. Keep your mouth moist.

6. Chew basil leaves daily to relieve the stench of breath.

7. Sucking cardamom and cloves also relieves the stench of breath.

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