Recipe: Try Egg Finger at Home, Evening Will Be Special

Aug 19 2019 06:08 PM
Recipe: Try Egg Finger at Home, Evening Will Be Special

If it's the rainy season, we're going to tell you some spicy snacks that you can cook at home and eat hot at ease. These hot things will make your evening fun in cold weather. So eating 'Egg Fingers' this season won't do anything wrong. Today we're going to tell you this's egg finger recipes.

Necessary materials

- Eggs: 6
- Onions: Chop a medium size
- Salt: to taste
- Coriander green coriander: 1 teaspoon
- Chili Flex: 1/2 teaspoons
- Corn flour: 2 tbsp
- Maida: 2 tablespoons
- Bread Perchbus: One cup
- Refined oil: To fry egg fingers


- First, burst the eggs into a bowl. Add salt to it and then add the onion, coriander and chili flex, and mix well.

- Now take a cake tin and put oil on it and grease well. Put the egg in the tin to steam as we make the dhokla just the same way to steam the egg.

- Add one-and-a-half glasses of water to the pan and place the stent in the water on the gas as soon as it boils. Then place the cake tin on the stent, cover the pan and allow it to cook on a high flame for 15 minutes.

- The egg that is opened after the scheduled time is set well. Turn off the gas and take out the egg. Once cooled, scratch the edges with the knife, then put the plate over it and tap it upside down very easily.

- Remove the edges with a knife and cut them with a gap of one inch, then cut the fingers from the center into size. Our egg fingers are ready and you can eat it like that.

- Add cornflour, maida, and salt in a bowl and mix well. Add water to it and make it thick and thick.

- Dip the egg fingers into the better of the cornflour and then coat the cornflour on top of it. Similarly, make and prepare all the other egg fingers.

- Add oil in the pan and keep it aside for heating, add 3 to 4 egg fingers to it when it is hot. Turn the egg fingers on medium to high flame until golden brown turns. Till golden brown or crispy.

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