Encounter of miscreants who robbed a woman journalist's bag in Delhi, watch video
Encounter of miscreants who robbed a woman journalist's bag in Delhi, watch video

New Delhi: An encounter between the police special cell and the miscreants broke out in the Nizamuddin area of the national capital New Delhi on Friday morning. During this 12 rounds were fired from both sides. During the encounter, bullets have been shot in the hands and feet of the miscreants, who have been admitted to the hospital in an injured condition.

According to a senior Delhi Police officer, at around 4 am, it was reported that two miscreants were coming to carry out a major incident in Nizamuddin. Then Special Cell Inspector Sanjeev Yadav formed the team and laid a trap near Barapula. During this time, a white-coloured Apache indicated to stop the bike, then the rogue rider started speeding the car and the miscreants opened fire on the police, seeing themselves surrounded. They fired 4 rounds in succession. However, no policemen were shot during this period.

Police fired around 8 rounds in retaliation, in which both the miscreants were shot. Both miscreants were arrested from the scene. One crook has been shot in the arms and legs, while the other crook has been injured by a bullet. Both are undergoing treatment in the hospital. Police said that the two miscreants looted the bag of a female journalist a few days ago, in which the woman was also injured.


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