This country will not allow entry of passengers without surname, guidelines issued
This country will not allow entry of passengers without surname, guidelines issued

Abu Dhabi: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has amended rules for people coming to its country and those with single names will no longer get an entry here. Based on the new guidelines issued by Emirates, an advisory has been given by Air India and AI Express, according to which single-name passengers will no longer be allowed to enter the UAE. This new rule has also come into force with immediate effect.

According to the report, Air India and AI Express issued a letter titled "Names appearing on the passport for travel to UAE" on November 21. It has been said in this letter that, 'According to the National Advance Information Center of UAE, these important guidelines for travel to UAE have been implemented with immediate effect. Any single name(s) of a passport holder without a surname or any other word(s) will not be accepted by UAE Immigration Department and the passenger will be treated as INAD and will have to return from there.'

INAD is a term related to the aviation sector, which is used for passengers who are not allowed to enter the country where they want to travel. INAD passengers will have to be taken back to their country on behalf of the airline. In this circular, an INAD passenger is explained through an example, a passenger who has shown his name simply as Praveen and does not have any surname. If the surname is Praveen and there is no first name, then ''Visa will not be granted to such travelers and if visa has been issued earlier, he/she will be included in INAD by Immigration Department.''

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