Environmentalist claims, 'minor earthquake can become a major problem for glacier'
Environmentalist claims, 'minor earthquake can become a major problem for glacier'

Shimla: Small earthquake is becoming a threat to glaciers in the Himalayan regions. An earthquake of two and a half to three Richter scale can also cause trouble. Although earthquakes of such low intensity are not felt, they can weaken glaciers by creating vibrations in it. The fear of breaking of glaciers starts increasing even more in the event of a big earthquake.

Small earthquakes are the most dangerous and harmful in adversely affecting the Himalayan glaciers. For this reason, the Indian plate is continuously slipping in millimetres towards the Asian plate which is causing a stir inside the earth. The Himalayan region is geologically very sensitive due to its location between these two plates. According to the information received, due to the mild earthquake in the Himalayan mountain range, the glaciers are shaking and weakening and causing a catastrophe in a future disaster. Due to global warming, the Himalayan glaciers are also melting. The rise in the Earth's temperature in the last few decades has accelerated the melting of Gangotri, Pindari, Nandakini and Mandakini glaciers.

World Peace Award-winning environmentalist Chandi Prasad Bhatt said that earthquakes in the Himalayas, human intervention in sensitive areas and the rising temperature of the earth are constantly adversely affected. Apart from glaciers, Bugyalas can also be harmed if the environment is ignored. Dr MS Panwar, Professor, Garhwal University has said that earthquakes and human intervention is becoming harmful to our glaciers to a great extent. There is a need that we do not exploit the natural resources provided by nature.

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