Key Questions About 'Chandrayaan-3' Everyone Should Be Aware Of
Key Questions About 'Chandrayaan-3' Everyone Should Be Aware Of

The knowledge of General Knowledge makes the path to government examinations easier for students. This article can be incredibly useful for students preparing for various government job exams. Questions related to current affairs and general knowledge are frequently included in recruitment examinations. ISRO's mission 'Chandrayaan-3' has been making headlines recently. Consequently, it's highly likely that questions related to this mission will be included in upcoming recruitment examinations. In this article, we will present a set of questions related to ISRO and its Chandrayaan mission along with their answers.

Question 1: Who is the director of ISRO's mission 'Chandrayaan-3'?
Answer: Ritu Karidhal Srivastava

Question 2: Who was the chairman of ISRO at the time of the 'Chandrayaan-2' mission?
Answer: K Sivan

Question 3: What is the total expenditure for the Chandrayaan 3 mission?
Answer: Rs 615 crore

Question 4: When was ISRO's 'Chandrayaan-1' mission launched?
Answer: On 22 October 2008

Question 5: What is the first part of a vehicle used in a space mission called?
Answer: Propulsion Module

Question 6: What are the names of the Lander and Rover in ISRO's current mission?
Answer: Pragyan

Question 7: What is the weight of Chandrayaan 3?
Answer: 3900 Kg

Question 8: What is the study of the moon called?
Answer: Selenology

Question 9: What is the time period of Mission Chandrayaan-3?
Answer: 1 Lunar Day

Question 10: Which rocket is used to launch Chandrayaan 3?
Answer: LVM3-M4

Question 11: How long was Chandrayaan-1 active?
Answer: Until 30 August 2009

Question 12: When was ISRO's second moon mission?
Answer: 22 July 2019

Question 13: When is ISRO's third moon mission scheduled?
Answer: 14 July 2023

Question 14: Which rocket launched Chandrayaan 2?
Answer: GSLV MK 3

Question 15: In which year was ISRO established?
Answer: 1969

Question 16: Who is the current chairman of ISRO?
Answer: S Somnath

Question 17: Where is ISRO's headquarters located?
Answer: Bangalore

Question 18: Who is known as the Moon Man of India?
Answer: K Sivan

Question 19: From where was Chandrayaan 3 launched?
Answer: Satish Dhawan Space Center Sriharikota

Question 20: Which rocket engine is the primary one used in Chandrayaan 3?
Answer: C25 cryogenic engine.

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