'We denounce hate and bigotry in all forms': Facebook's reply to Congress’ letter

New Delhi: The earthquake born in the politics of the country on the hate speech case is not taking its name. Recently, on behalf of the Congress party, Facebook was asked to reply by writing a letter on this issue, now Facebook has responded to this.FB has assured that it is an impartial institution, condemning the hate speech of anyone.

According to the statement issued by Congress, Facebook has taken all the issues raised by the Congress seriously. Also, Facebook has said that it is a platform where people can openly express their views. He is not in anyone's favor or opposition, he is impartial. Facebook has said that we have taken action before and will continue to do so. On the issue of hate speech, Facebook has said that we take seriously disputed comments made on any religion, caste, nationality, gender or other matters and remove them immediately. In India too, we have removed many such statements.

The Congress said in its statement that the disclosures made by the global media in the past had raised many questions, due to which Congress General Secretary KC. Venugopal wrote a letter to Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg. The Congress had alleged that people of the Indian top leadership of Facebook-WhatsApp are doing favors to the BJP.

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