Fadnavis comes to Indore and secretly goes to Vadodara, intensifies exercise of 'BJP government' in Maharashtra

Indore: Amid the ongoing political turmoil in Maharashtra, the BJP has intensified preparations to form the government. Amidst the tussle in Shiv Sena politics, veteran BJP leader and former Maharashtra CHIEF Minister Devendra Fadnavis secretly flew from Mumbai to Indore on a special flight and left for Vadodara from here last night. At the same time, fadnavis returned to Indore from Vadodara this morning and left for Mumbai.

In fact, as the Airport of Maharashtra was under the control of the Shiv Sena, Fadnavis kept his trip a secret and came to Indore and went to Gujarat. During this visit of the former CM, no one landed from the plane in Indore both times and no one boarded. Here the plane was only refueled. Let us know that by the way, the distance from Mumbai to Vadodara is about 400 km and from Mumbai to Indore is 600 km away. In such a situation, why did Fadnavis choose indore's route? On this, sources say that he had gone to Gujarat to hide his visit to Gujarat and also came back from the same route.

Let us know that the information of this visit of Fadnavis was received by Indore airport only last evening. Then the officials thought that someone from Indore would go or come back with the former CM or anyone would come to meet him in Indore, but when both the times no one boarded the plane nor landed, and no one came to meet him, everyone was surprised. Although the Indore airport is currently closed at night due to the ongoing work to increase the width of the runway, the Indore airport was open all night yesterday due to Fadnavis's visit and departure to Indore.

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