Fadnavis gives big statement says,
Fadnavis gives big statement says, "Putting Gandhi in your name does not make you Gandhi..'

BJP has a protest after Congress leader Rahul Gandhi's statement on Savarkar. Former Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has attacked Rahul Gandhi. He said that the statement given by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is completely condemnable and he should apologize for it. Fadnavis said that only Mahatma Gandhi does not become Gandhi by having the last name Gandhi. He further said that perhaps Rahul Gandhi does not know about Savarkar.'

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Savarkar had to face torture in the cell of Andaman jail for 12 years whereas Rahul Gandhi could not stay for 12 hours. You don't become Gandhi just by putting Gandhi in your name. Using such language against Savarkar is an insult to all patriots who have sacrificed everything for the country.

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Apart from this, as far as apologizing is concerned, Rahul also made some claims on the Raffel issue and later apologized for it. He is also facing a court case for his comments on the RSS. This is part of his personality, making childish statements and then refusing to apologize but finally, he has to apologize after the matter goes to court. Rahul Gandhi in his statement said that "My name is not 'Rahul Savarkar', my name is 'Rahul Gandhi'. I will die, but I will not apologize."

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