Ferdinand Marcos Jr. to assume presidency of the Philippines

MANILA: On Thursday, Ferdinand Marcos Jr., the late leader's son, will take the oath of office as the Philippines' 19th president, following Rodrigo Duterte. With 60% of the vote, Marcos Jr. defeated Maria Leonor Robredo won the presidential election in May.

Meanwhile, the 43-year-old daughter of Rodrigo Duterte, who is his running partner, will be sworn in as Vice president of the Republic of the Philippines in the meantime.

The swearing-in event will take place at Manila's National Museum in the late afternoon. A total of 15,000 security personnel will be deployed all across the Philippine capital for the event, which will be attended by hundreds of local and foreign leaders.

With Marcos Jr.'s victory, the Marcos political family, which was overthrown in 1986 following a public uprising, has made an astounding comeback. From 1965 to 1986, Ferdinand Marcos presided over the nation as its leader, implementing martial law and overseeing a time of massive violations of human rights, corruption, and destitution.

A massive revolt in 1986 that saw millions of people march to the streets and the Marcos family flee the country for Hawaii put an end to that reign. Longtime politician Marcos Jr., who moved back to the Philippines in 1991, has subsequently tried to portray his father's administration as a "golden era" of development and wealth.

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