First Congress then PM Modi on JMM in Jamshedpur
First Congress then PM Modi on JMM in Jamshedpur

PM Narendra Modi has fiercely targeted Congress and Jharkhand Mukti Morcha in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. PM Modi has said that Congress and JMM people have no concern for development. They are only concerned with corruption and lying. Taking his point forward, PM Modi has said that Congress and JMM have kept a huge amount of black money in their houses.

PM Modi has also said that parties like Congress and JMM have looted our Jharkhand at every opportunity. Congress is the mother of corruption. Congress and JMM people do not even know the A, B, C, D… of development. Their issues are X-raying the property of the poor, snatching the reservation of SC-ST-OBC, abusing Modi ji every day. These people cannot think of anything beyond this.

JMM grabbed the lands of tribals and army: Reports say that continuing his talk, PM Modi has said that JMM did a land scam in Jharkhand. They grabbed the lands of poor tribals and grabbed the army's lands. The mountains of currency notes recovered from their houses are yours. Modi has recovered the money from the hideouts of these dishonest people. I am not recovering this money to take it to the government coffers. I am looking for a way to return all this money to those poor people to whom it belongs. This is Modi's guarantee.

What Congress-JMM mean by corruption and extortion: The Congress party also calls entrepreneurs the enemies of the country. Its leaders openly say that we attack those businessmen who do not give us money, that is, parties like Congress and JMM are not concerned about the industries of the country. They are only concerned with their corruption and extortion. The princes of Congress are even opposing industries, industrialists and investment day in and day out. Which industrialist will go to their state and invest capital in the coming days? What will happen to the youth of those states?

Jharkhand has to be saved from dynastic parties: PM has said that parties like Congress never cared for you. These people have given the false slogan of 'eliminating poverty' for 60 years. This is Modi, who brought 25 crore poor people out of poverty. The prince of Congress has fled from Wayanad and gone to Rae Bareli to contest elections. He is roaming around telling everyone that this is my mother's seat. Even when an 8 year old child goes to school, he does not say that this is his father's school, even though his father studied there. These family oriented people are writing the will of parliamentary seats. It is necessary to save Jharkhand from such family based parties.

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