Flourishing as an DJ and music producer is an ace music professional from Rajasthan, Bramha aka Lokesh Latta

The digital revolution that the world is experiencing now has seen the emergence and shinning of the millennials and the Gen Z’s, no doubt about the fact that both of them have been on the tip of their toes raising the bar for performance consistently and gaining tremendous love, fame, and recognition for themselves. With all of the sectors of the economy going through dynamic digital transformation, the music industry too in India has been under great influence of it bringing a wide variety of songs, rhythms, beats and unique music content in an creative manner to woo the next gen audiences and listeners. We met one such young budding music artist from Rajasthan shinning bright as sky and making sure of etching his name in gold in the music industry- Bramha, aka Lokesh Latta.

Bramha, aka Lokesh Latta is an emerging millennial music artist hailing from Rajasthan who has found an unique way of taking the Indian music culture ahead in time by mixing the old folk songs with ethnic vibes, striking the right chord, creating soulful and blissful music. Born in 1993 in Merta City, Nagaur, Rajasthan, Bramha realized as a kid that he had great inclination towards music making and wanted to follow his inner drive and calling to pursue it as an career and profession. Little did he knew that he would scale great heights of success going forward in his music career emerging as the next superstar within the music realm. By learning different genres of music and with experienting folk music with bass, Bramha started to envision his dreams of excelling in the music space as an reality. Today, Bramha has been in the league of his own producing back-to-back hit tracks with an different touch which has been enthralling one and all.

Some of his tracks which have been popular among masses of audiences include "Banne Re," "Hairat EP . Bramha is also working on a very exciting project for his next release “ Dooriyan” which is an romantic lyrical on ethnic lead with high power bass and kick. 

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