Follow these steps to change details in your AADHAR card
Follow these steps to change details in your AADHAR card

You may know that being linked with government schemes requires that the information in your Aadhaar card be updated. You have to send new information to the UIDAI database to change or modify any information, such as an address or mobile number, in a form that has become one of the required documents. For this, Aadhaar enrolment centres have also been built across the country. The good thing is that you can also change your photo on the Aadhaar card. Follow these steps

The First Option

1. Visit your nearest base enrolment center.
2. Here's the base update/ Fill in the correction form and submit it.
3. Now concerned Officer/ The employee will take your biometrics (record of fingerprints and eyesticks) and click a new photo.
4. Base Update/ Deposit the correction fee (currently Rs 25 + GST).
5. You will be given a slip with a URN, keep it up.
6. This URN can help you check your Aadhaar update status.

Here is the Second Option

You can also send a letter directly to Uidai's regional office. If you own and update/ If the correction form is not in a position to submit, the regional office can also get its Aadhaar photo updated by writing about it. For this, you have to send the app with the request to change the photo in the Uidai office. Aadhaar Update/Application with app The correction form is also required to be sent. Also, a certified copy of your new photo and a copy of the Aadhaar card must be sent with it. You will have to send these documents to ' UIDAI Regional office, Khaneeja Bhawan, No. 49, 3rd Floor, South Wing Race Course Road, Bengaluru-560001 '. An updated Aadhaar card with a new photo will be sent to your address within 15 to 20 days.

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